Engagement to parenthood: Photographing a new family over time

Writing this post makes me smile.

I've known Amanda for a few years and photographed her for work and other creative projects. But when Casey proposed to her during the first Adelaide lock down, I was really chuffed to be asked to come and photograph the occasion.

I didn't know at the time that this would lead to a beautiful series of photo opportunities - the engagement, an elopement on Kangaroo Island, a pregnancy shoot and, finally, capturing some early memories with their new baby, Ethan.

It's been such a privilege to be part of these little (or big!) life moments, and Amanda and Casey have become very good friends throughout the process. Here's a few images we've taken together over time.

If you like the idea of documenting your life over time please get in touch and we can chat about the best way to make it happen for you. It might be a big beautiful photo book at the end, or a series of smiling prints hanging on your living room wall.

The engagement - A simple but beautiful day at home right around the first lock down. Very special to share this moment when the world was getting so crazy.

THE ELOPEMENT - A stunning few days over in Kangaroo Island at the most beautiful accommodation at Emu Bay made for a beautiful elopement and lots of laughing and exciting photography opportunities.

The Pregnancy - capturing all the wonderful changes that happen as bodies and families begin to grow.

Welcoming the new Baby - a rough start for this little guy, so especially happy to capture him in his first few weeks at home.

Feel free to send me an email if you'd like to start your family's photographic journey. I'd love to work with you to capture your memories for the long term.